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Workshops & Events

Xtreme Darque workshops are brainstormed by Mr Wolff & Mistress Gabrielle, and their amazing network of talented friends within the professional BDSM & Urban Tantra team/scene. They are facilitated out of The Fetish Palace in Adelaide. Xtreme Darque is open to the public & all wanting to experience the finer elements of BDSM in all of its diversity, you can experience the Fetish Palace, the staff and all of its grandeur at Our Xtreme Darque workshops

Masquerade Play Party  18th June 2016

Our next Event is Mistress Gabrielle's Birthday Bash hide your face but never your kink @ The Fetish Palace. BYO alcohol

Mistress Gabrielle is celebrating her Birthday fresh from her  USA tour. 
How old you may think to ask 45 bull whips for anyone that mentions Her age. 

In June 2004 Xtreme Darque held it's first Masquerade Party this is our Old poster below, and now twelve years later we are stepping it up a notch.

Our beautiful venue The Fetish Palace is throwing open the doors to all of it's dungeons and play spaces with their amazing and experienced staff on hand helping and playing, there is no better way to live out your fantasies.

The Fetish Palace contains 9 themed rooms, all designed by Mistress Gabrielle to amplify the physical atmosphere of your body and bring your fantasy to life.

$150 per ticket- however if  you buy one ticket get the second ticket half price till 18th May  2016 (one month before the party)  for early birds :)

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